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DCOP Opare Addo was engaged in criminal activities – National Security boss alleges

Major General Adu Manfo (retired) disclosed in a press interaction that sheer incompetence and acts of crime were the basis for the non-renewal granted DCOP Asare after his four-year mandate.

Major General Adu Manfo (retired) insisted that contract to DCOP Opare Addo’s stance that he has a valid contract with the government, his contract has elapsed.

“The bottom line of all of this is that Opare Addo had a contract with National Security and for four years he was the regional liaison for the National Security. His term of the contract has expired. It was not renewed because of non-performance and his own criminal activities”.

In narrating his ordeal at the hands of the supposed National Security operative, DCOP Asare alleged that he was handcuffed with a gun pointed at him.

But these claims have been rubbished by Major General Adu Amanfo (rtd) who narrates that it was his men who were arrested by police officers acting on the orders of DCOP Opare Addo.

He confirmed that following DCOP Opare Addo’s refusal to honor an invitation by him, a group of National Security operatives were deployed to Kumasi to forcibly remove DCOP Opare Addo and bring him to Accra.

He maintained that the National Security did no wrong in their attempt to remove DCOP Opare Addo from office as his tenure has expired.

“He [Opare Addo] rather called for police reinforcement and got the team that had gone to mitigate the issues arrested and handcuffed, and not him Opare Addo. It was the team members from Accra that were handcuffed. He [Opare Addo] rather called the Regional Police Commander to come, and they came and arrested the team we had sent from Accra”, Major General Adu Amanfo explained.

“He had no locus to be in the office because a new officer had been appointed, and he should have handed over to the officer, and he says he won’t hand over. So that is why a team was sent from Accra to go and mitigate and facilitate the handing, and takeover process,” he added.

“I will say most of these things are vicious, and I say so because I am very experienced in the military. I have served 37 years, being an Ambassador to Liberia, Mali, so I have seen it all. Most of these allegations are vicious, so we need to investigate them before I can make any serious statement. These issues are being investigated.”



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