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Culture Of Silence: Eugene Balbulee Writes On How CSM Is Killing People of the Upper West Region

Upper West Region needs Government Attention, Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM )is Causing more than Coronavirus in the upper west region

The people of the upper west region continue to battle with CSM for the past two months with the death toll of 37 and total cases recorded raises to 247.

Though my people in the upper west region have tried their best and still trying to protect themselves from the annual meningococcal bacteria infection, yet the disease has taken a different dimension and the government need to listen to the cry of the people in the upper west region.

It seems the COVID-19 has whipped away the attention of the government to protect the people in the upper west
region. Mr president your excellency I was waiting patiently to hear from you about the increasing cases of CSM in the region but nothing was said during your sixth emergence state of the nation address. This has brought many meaningful indigenes of the region to start wondering if you have had any briefing about the current health state of the people in the upper west region.

Mr. President, as much as you put up measures to help to control and prevent COVID-19, your people in the upper west region are dying of CSM and also need your help.

This is an update on the CMS cases and deaths in the region for a week
1st-13th of 2020 C-case, D-death

1. DBI, C-0, D-0

2. Jirapa,  C-42, D-9

3. Lambussie, C-0, D-0

4. Lawra, C-8, D-1

5. Nadowli-Kaleo, C-74, D-12

6. Nandom, C-76, D-10

7. Sissala East, C-5, D-0

8. Sissala West, C-0, D-0

9. Wa East, C-0, D-0

10. Wa Municipal, C-27, D-4

11. Wa  West, C-15, D-1
Total cases-247
Total deaths-37

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