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Covid: Wire vaccine side-effect cash directly to us, not our corrupt govt – Twitter user alerts WHO, Covax company

A Ghanaian on social media platform Twitter has begged the manufacturers of Covax-19 the vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19 not to pay any side effect compensation to the government but rather pay it directly to the citizens via their bank accounts.

This comes after Ghana was selected among 92 countries that will receive a no-fault compensation claim of serious side effects for people who are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine acquired from the COVAX facility which just arrived into Ghana.

This follows an agreement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that a no-fault-lump sum would be provided for serious COVAX vaccine side effects to reduce the need for resources to the law courts, a potentially lengthy and costly process.

The Programme Manager for the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), Dr Kwame Amponsa-Achiano, said in an interview that Ghana was part of the COVAX facility and “certainly part of the compensation system by extension.

The Covid-19 Vaccine, Global Access (COVAX) Facility, is a global initiative aimed at ensuring equitable access to Covid -19 diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines to all countries regardless of their wealth.

According to WHO, COVAX has been created to maximise the world’s chances of successfully developing Covid-19 vaccines and manufacture them in quantities needed to end the pandemic.

Dr Amponsa-Achiano said the compensation was monetary, but was unsure how much people who developed side effects as a result of the COVAX vaccine would receive.

Compensation Corruption

A Twitter user Ervin K. Darko however believes that the proceeds of the compensation could end up in private pockets to funds the extravagance of Ghanaian politicians.

He therefore advised that WHO and Covax take down names and account numbers of Ghanaians who receive the vaccine so that compensation arising out of side effects can be paid directly.

The tweet has been shared several times to show many Ghanaians agree with him.



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