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Covid-19 Trust Fund gives NCCE ¢2.5m to procure 10 pickups

A spokesperson for Ghana’s Covid-19 Trust Fund, Kwame Osei-Hwere Bempah, said that ¢2.5m has been disbursed to NCCE to procure 10 pickups.

According to him, the Fund received a proposal from the Commission to embark on a national campaign but lacks logistics to do so.

Mr. Osei-Hwere Bempah revealed that NCCE presented an initial funding proposal to purchase 20 pickups but the Trust Fund could only issue a cheque for half of their request.

Speaking to Gifty Andoh Appiah on The Pulse on JoyNews, he assured due diligence was conducted before the money was given to the Commission.

He said, “NCCE brought a proposal that they wanted to embark on a national campaign but lacked a lot of logistics. We have given them ¢2.5 million.”

“The cheque was not issued in isolation. NCCE said they needed 20 pickups but we were able to give them 10. So we had to go to the market for due diligence.”


Covid-19 Trust Fund spokesperson also added that the institution was resourced with computers and public address systems to enhance public education on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ghana Medical Association has also benefited from the Trust Fund. They received an amount of ¢300,000 to embark on an outreach program after they presented a proposal of ¢270,000.

‘The Ghana Medical Association also said that they needed to do an outreach program. We felt that they are a professional body with technical know-how’ he said

‘They requested for ¢270,000 and we gave them ¢300,000. So we have asked they collaborate with NCCE’

Mr. Osei-Hwere Bempah indicated his outfit will continue to take proactive measures in the country’s fight against the global pandemic.

He said ¢8 million was also used in purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) for some institutions across the country.

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