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COVID-19: Trump built a fence to block Mexican from entering USA …US citizens are running away from their homes [BIG LESSON]

When US President Donald Trump built a fence between USA and Mexico, it was meant to block Mexican from entering US, as we speak, strange and unprecedented things have happened in this period of Corona Virus, the government of Mexico is doing everything possible to stop US citizens from entering their country.

What goes around comes around, US citizens are destroying their own fence to enter Mexico due to increasing Covid-19 infections.

USA has more than 250,000 cases of Covid-19 while Mexico has less than 500 cases. US citizens are running away from their homes to be refugees in Mexico, this is a lesson, even a rich person can borrow a needle from a poor person.

Don’t despise your fellow being because of where you are today.
The table can turn.

When God bless you financially, don’t build walls but expand your tables to accommodate the poorPosition is not possession.

Don’t be mean because nobody knows what the future holds.

I need you, you need me . Be safe, stay home.
COVID-19 is real


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