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COVID-19: MTN provides free connectivity to online learning sites for home schooling.

In a bid to complement the government’s efforts, MTN has introduced the Yello care package which allows customers to access a variety of learning channels to support their children’s learning and entertainment needs.

The Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo-Ganson said, “Our customers are very important to us and even more so in these difficult times. We must show our customers that we care about their wellbeing. We believe the zero-rating of over 25 educational online sites will be a great relief to our customers and their children and other dependents. MTN will continue to explore other opportunities to make life a whole lot brighter even in these difficult times.”
MTN Ghana has already started several communications through various channels such as SMS, Social
Media etc. to provide customers with updates on the Coronavirus, personal hygiene tips on how to
manage the virus have also been shared.

Additionally, MTN has zero-rated the website of the Ghana Health Service. This enables customers to
read and access information on COVID 19 free of charge.
The announcement of the free online package for several educational sites is a welcome addition to
enable students, teachers, parents, and guardians access educational materials, information and
learning activities.


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