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COVID-19 kills about 40 Ghanaians in the US

The Ghanaian community in the US has been greatly hit by the huge COVID-19 related deaths as about 40 Ghanaians have been reported dead as a result of the global pandemic.

This was announced by the Information Officer at Ghana’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Frederick Kofi Ameyaw in an interview monitored by ABC News.

According to Frederick Kofi Ameyaw, it is possible the death rate could be higher than what has been reported to the Consular General.

He noted that some Ghanaians refused to report the deceased persons to the Consulate as others who may have died without genuine documents were not recorded.

Explaining the reasons for this high death rate among Ghanaians in the US, he explained Ghanaians like other African immigrants are mostly frontline workers which makes them pre-exposed to the virus.

“A lot of them have died [Ghanaians]. At the last count, the Consular General received, it was close to 40. What we realized is that moving forward people refused to report them to us anymore. But the last count is around 39 or 40. The truth of the matter is that when you consider the socio-economic lifestyle of Africans in the US, we are pre-exposed to the virus. This is because the majority of Africans in the States are frontline workers,” Kofi Ameyaw indicated.

He added that “some are CNA, others are nurses among others because that’s where the money is. When you consider the transportation system in New York for instance, since people normally use trains and buses, they are easily exposed. So basically, this condition greatly accounted for the death of the 40.”

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