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COVID-19: ‘COA FS Could Be Effective In Fighting Coronavirus’ – Noguchi Institue Director.

Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang has noted that COA FS could help in fighting Coronavirus.

Ghana will eventually find a solution for the covid-19 affected persons if all the steps put in place by the regulatory agencies go as well as expected.

The director at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Institute, Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang, told Joy Business that locally produced food supplement, COA FS is known to be an immune booster that can help in the fight against covid 19.

According to him, the Institute is performing ongoing clinical tests that will assess whether the drug can be scientifically tested for export or not.

“We want to make sure that COA FS is properly tested and assessed. We actually have a process ongoing with a comprehensive stakeholder approach with the Food and Drugs Authority, Centre for Plant Medicine and others,”

he said.

He said the Institute is one leading the clinical trials;

“so we are in the process of putting together the clinical results before we are able to say this medicine is good and can even be exported for HIV, Covid-19 or any viral disease”

“For now the medicine is registered as an immune booster and as an immune booster, we know that for Covid-19 if you have a stronger immune system then there is a better chance of surviving.

“So if it is an effective immune booster then you can also assume that it can help in the fight but of course unless you use it, you can’t tell,”

Prof Anang said.

More Information On Coa Fs

The drug is made in Ghana by a group of Ghanaian professors in Cape Coast; and the drug is a booster of the immune system that helps fight the virus.

It was studied in China and after two weeks of intake it has proven to work within two hours of intake with 2 patients fully recovering.


Ghana has COA FS yet patients are been given Multi Vitamins and Pain Killers which is not helping their condition on a recovery note.

Must we wait for WHO to pass our locally made COA FS before we can administer them to dying patients?

Considering the fact that they don’t have much time to live and already going through a painful moment with their lungs and breath.

COA FS: To Read More Information on the drug, click here.

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