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COVID-19: British Scientists has revealed when vaccine will be ready

Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University in Britain, Sarah Gilbert has revealed that a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus is possible to be ready by September this year.

According to Professor Sarah Gilbert who is leading one of Britain’s advanced teams researching a vaccine for the virus, she is 80 percent confident that there will be a breakthrough by the stipulated time.

Speaking to The Times Newspaper in London on Saturday, the team leader expressed that “it’s not just a hunch, and as every week goes by we have more data to look at.”

Commenting on the progress of their work, she further revealed that a possible vaccine is set for human trials next two weeks if everything goes as planned.

The Professor said she’s in discussions with the British government about funding, and starting production before the final results are in, allowing the public to access the vaccine immediately if it proves to work. She said success by the autumn was “just about possible if everything goes perfectly.”

According to a report by Bloomberg, Gilbert’s team is one of the dozens worldwide working on a vaccine and is the most advanced in Britain.

Her remarks come as the death toll from the virus pushed past 100,000 globally.

On Friday, the UK reported 980 fatalities, taking the total count from the virus to 8,958, and the government has repeatedly pleaded with the public to obey lockdown rules during the long Easter holiday weekend.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson begins his recovery after a spell in intensive care, Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, warned he expects the number of deaths to increase for “a few weeks” yet.


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