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Covid-19: 3.5m testing kits being sent to the UK contaminated with the disease

3.5 million antibody testing kits which were on their way to the United Kingdom (UK) have been contaminated with coronavirus.

The kits were ordered by the British government in order to enable health workers to make at least 11,000 tests a day.

According to media reports in the United Kingdom (UK) the kits were ordered from Eurofins, a company based in Luxembourg.

Eurofins is said to have warned laboratories in the UK of the contamination but said that the issue could be resolved by proper cleaning.

A representative of Eurofins said,

‘In rare occasions, delays in some orders may occur if based on Eurofins Genomics stringent quality and environmental control procedures, manufacturing of a product may not meet the quality or purity criteria set by Eurofins Genomics.

‘We are aware that contamination of the nature you mentioned have been observed by several primers and probes manufacturers around the world after they produced SARS-COV2 positive controls.

‘Those initial problems can be easily resolved by proper cleaning and production segregation procedures.’

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