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‘Coup’ plot: Mac Palm was mastermind, his group wanted to kill – CoS, GAF HQ

Major General Nicholas Peter Andoh, Chief of Staff, General Headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has told the High Court in Accra that, Dr Frederick Yao Mac Palm mastermind the alleged Coup plot.

Testifying as the Second Prosecution Witness in the case in which Dr Mac Palm and nine others are standing trial for an attempt to overthrow the government he said surveillance mounted revealed they wanted to kill.

The former Director-General of Defence Intelligence Department of the GAF also testified that Col. Kojo Gameli, an accused person confessed to their modus operandi when arrested.

The witness among other things revealed how Dr Mac Palm made practical efforts to recruit personnel from the military and services and also manufactured weapons to carry out their actions.

According to him, Dr Mac Palm took practical steps to recruit security personnel military and police officers and IEBs to advance his cause.

“The overall summary of my submission based on the information that got to me from my operatives, BNI and the WhatsApp extractions from their telephones my analysis is that Dr. Mac-Palm was the main brain behind the plot to overthrow the government.

“He took practical steps to recruit military and police officers through BB to advance his course. He also took steps to procure and manufacture weapons that could cause harm.

“When the IEDs were taken for testing by the experts, their report was that each of the IEDs could kill or cause damage to anybody within 200 metres of the point of impact.

“He provided his hospital which was meant to treat human beings for the production of IEDs which could cause destruction,” he noted.

The accused persons are facing four charges to wit; conspiracy to commit High Treason, High treason and abetment. But they have all pleaded not guilty.

The case has been adjourned to June 23 for further evidence in chief of the witness.

Source: Inusah


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