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Could It be That NDC’s Incessant Attacks on The EC Is an Adherrance To a Directive on an Audio Purpoted to be the Voice of the National chairman Of NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

On  27th February 2019, Ghanaians woke up to hear an audio recording circulated on radio and TV stations and on several social media platforms. In the audio recording, one will hear a voice charging a group of people to cast innuendos, personal invectives, and openly insult the Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Madam  Jean Mensah. The voice also charged the listeners not to spare the Peace Council with attacks and insults.

Whiles the person speaks, you will hear the listeners clap hands in admiration of his words. He also commanded those listening to him not to spare the National Peace Council with insults and chastisement. Though I can’t verify the truth as to who the voice is linked to but, brethren, the content of the audio was dirty, disgusting, unpatriotic, and unnationalistic.
Such a mindset should never be harbored by any well-meaning Ghanaian.  At a point, I was surprised when I  heard that the voice was purported to be that of Samuel Ofosu Ampofo because of upbringing as a member of the Pentecost Church. I was not also shocked in another break because of his training and affiliation to the NDC( a party that was borne out of violence and can do anything machiavellian to win elections). In the audio, he was purported to be talking to communicators of the NDC as a national chairman. The national deputy communications officer of the NDC, Kwaku Boahen has also alleged through an interview on a radio station corroborated- the story. According to the voice said to be that of Kwaku Boahen, he said he was part of the meeting and every message in the audio recording said to be that of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo is true and they as communicators stand by him. The case is in court, hence I will end here on the veracity of the voices. However, following the sequence of events, attitudes and actions of the NDC towards the Electoral Commission of Ghana and its commissioner, madam Jean Mensah, one might be tempted to say, it is a perfect execution of the orders in the audio recording purported to be the voice of the NDC national chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.
I have always sat to decipher why the NDC have vowed never to give the Chairperson of Electoral Commission the needed peace and space to carry out her constitutional mandate? One cannot just understand why the several explanations are given by the Electoral Commission of Ghana on its activities and programs never resonates with the NDC. Why have the NDC vowed to ever frustrate every effort of the Electoral Commission since madam Jean Mensah became its commissioner? Have you also sat down to ponder over these and many more of such ? Could it be that the master plan heard in the audio recording is at play? One cannot just understand why  the barrage of attacks, the personal invectives and threats on the life of Madam Jean Mensah, the EC Chairperson and the various attempts to frustrate every meaningful step by her to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the EC.  I have no locus to determine whether the voice in the tape is that of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo or not. The court will definitely decide that.
But unfolding events by the NDC seems to coincide with the directives in the audio recording. Can you  just imagine the following activities of the NDC against the Electoral Commission.  With these following needless strides by the NDC against the Electoral Commission, is one wrong to say, NDC is strictly operating the directives in the audio recording?
1) The everyday insults, attacks and threats of the life of the EC Chairperson on several radio and TV stations and any platform
2) The unnecessary demonstrations organised by the NDC and its affiliates around the country purposely to tarnish the image of the EC Chairperson
3) In September, 2018, a group sympathetic to the NDC, Strategic Thinkers Network- Africa( STRANEK) led by Lawyer Godwin Kudzo Tameklo, a member of the NDC legal team and NDC national communication team sued EC and the government over a proposed referendum on the creation of the six new regions. They prayed the court to place an interlocutory injunction on the conduct of the referendum that saw the realisation of the six new regions.
4) Immediately the referendum was conducted successfully, the NDC in all attempt to malugh the EC issued a statement through their national deputy secretary, Peter Otokunor trying hard to punch holes in the conduct of the referendum which was freely and fairly conducted.
5) In December, 2019, the minority in Ghana’s parliament staged a walkout during the Electoral Commission’s budget estimate  document titled ” Middle Term Expenditure  framework for 2020- 2023 debate and passage.
6) The NDC has severally boycotted IPAC meeting since Madam Jean Mensah became the EC Chairperson and the others they attended, they will twist the story to deceive the public that The EC mistreated them.
7) The NDC through its general secretary, Asiedu Nketia visited the places of chiefs in Northern Ghana to incite them against the Electoral commission.
8) The NDC has sued the EC over the compilation of a new voters’ register.

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