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Coronavirus: We’re being treated like criminals; even dogs’re treated better in quarantine – Woman

A UK-based Ghanaian citizen who is one of some one thousand thirty people in mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Ghana, has called on the authorities to provide them with more information.

Ghana has, so far, recorded 68 cases of COVID-19 with two deaths.

The government, as part of measures to prevent further spread of the virus, has put a ban on all public gatherings.

Also, the government has given a directive that all persons who arrive in the country have to go through mandatory quarantine.

Narrating her experience on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class91.3FM on Wednesday, 25 March 2020, Ms Susan said she was aware that restrictions had been placed and that she was going to be quarantined on arrival in Ghana but what she did not expect was the duration of the quarantine.

The seventy-year-old woman, who arrived in Ghana on Sunday, 22 March 2020, described communication to those of them in quarantine, as poor.

She told show host Benjamin Akakpo that: “When I got here, nobody said anything; in fact, I started asking from the airport after we’d been screened and seen to. Even coming to the hotel, they didn’t want to talk about where we were going. It’s been all sorts of things but communication has been very poor.”

“The question is: how long? I have a house here; I live in Kwabenya, they can escort me to my house. If they want to put some army officer at my gate, put some army officer at my gate to make sure that I’m actually in isolation. I have no problem being isolated, I am used to it. So, what is the problem? Why can’t someone say to us: ‘Madam, listen: you’re going to stay here for one month’.

“There have been things happening in this hotel, there’ve been two people who have had nervous breakdowns. A guy was threatening to burn down the hotel, which was the day before yesterday; I had to scream to be moved to another place. There’s a woman who, in the middle of the night, screams and people bang on people’s doors. Why, what is it? We’re all intelligent people, tell us; we’re not dogs. Even when you put a dog in quarantine, you go and visit it. You stand outside and you know it wags its little tail and it appreciates you being there. You know, we’re just being treated like some criminals or, I don’t have the words…”

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