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Coronavirus: Taxi driver tells coughing passenger to “get out now” in video

A video has been shared online showing a Chinese taxi driver throw a coughing passenger out of the car. In the now-viral footage, the masked driver appears alarmed as soon as he hears his customer cough. The passenger gets into the cab wearing a mask and asks the driver to take him to hospital. As soon as the passenger coughs, the driver immediately asks him why he is coughing.

In the clip, the concerned driver comments on the passenger’s accent, which doesn’t sound local. He then asks the passenger if he has flu after hearing him sniffle. The driver finally pulls over and tells the passenger to get out of the vehicle.

China is currently experiencing a coronavirus outbreak. Wuhan, the capital of central China, has approximately nine million people under quarantine after the city was sealed due to the spread of the virus.

According to TimesLIVE, over 1 000 cases have been reported in China with an estimated 170 deaths.

Social media users had mixed reactions about the video. Twitter user MarineCafeBlog said:

“That is kind of heartless.”

Moamerasumitro said:

“First, he lie to taxi driver. I agree with taxi driver. Kick all the lies!”

TweetThisBabe said:

“I think this was rude as hell. I understand people are scared but he should have asked him before he got in the car. If that were YOUR son or relative how would you feel if someone did that to you? Doesn’t mean the young man was infected. And then to call the police? Smh”

wrapUrMind said:

“Nobody wants to be infected, he just did the right thing.”

No cases have been confirmed in South Africa to date. The Department of Health has reassured citizens that all precautions are being taken to limit risk and exposure.

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