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Coronavirus: Students In Hong-Kong Commence High School Final Exams

About 50,000 Hong Kong students will take key examinations in school,starting Friday, even though schools remain closed, VOA reports.

More than 52,000 candidates will take the month-long Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exams – originally scheduled to begin on March 27 – at about 350 exam centres located at secondary schools around the city.

Friday’s first exam was to involve 3,300 Visual Arts students, who would begin their written tests at 8.30am at 51 exam centres. The exams will continue through May 25.

In Hong Kong, the exams for the Diploma of Secondary Education are set to start with visual arts exams for students. The DSE is a standardized qualification benchmark used for university admission in Hong Kong’s highly demanding education system.

All candidates and invigilators are required to wear face masks, and desks now sit about 1.8-meters from each other.

Students have been reminded to arrive about 40 minutes early to undergo temperature checks and disinfection. Those with temperatures exceeding 38 degree Celsius will be asked to leave and see a doctor promptly, with their assessments then based on internal school results.

Coronavirus: Students in Hong Kong are taking High School final exams

In perhaps the city’s most novel preventive health measure, the school has also installed three robots this year, which will perform temperature screenings, provide students with hand sanitiser, disinfect the exam hall, and display encouraging messages to the candidates.


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