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Coronavirus positive Nigerians escape from holding centre in Oti Region

Six Nigerians who allegedly tested positive for coronavirus have escaped from their holding centre at Kadjebi in the Oti Region.

TV3 News reported that the six disappeared from a four-bedroom house they were being held.

Details are scanty on the identity of the escapees who were said to be in a house guarded by one police officer.

It is also not clear how the six entered Ghana or how they contracted the disease.

The Oti Region is one of two regions to have recorded cases, bringing the number of regions with COVID-19 cases to 12, according to the Ghana Health Service data released on Friday.

While the Oti Region confirmed 13 cases, Western-North had one.

This is the third time foreign nationals who tested positive for COVID-19 have escaped.

One female Guinean who was quarantined with nine other people from the West African country escaped and is yet to be found.

A Nigerian man who vanished when news of his positive status was announced to him in the Upper East Region but the police in the region announced that he has been arrested.


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