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Coronavirus Outbreak Has Exposed Nana Addo – Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

The Bono regional youth organizer of the opposition NDC has reacted promptly to a press statement by the ministry of Health and The Ministry of Information over the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus in Ghana.

According to Efo Worlanyo, the president lied to the people of Ghana in his address on Wednesday because the BBC’s report on the outbreak in Ghana could have been announced by the president and precautionary measures taken at the time.


He also stated in a long statement copied to that the ruling party has refused to educate the public on the approved systems and practices given them by The WHO to use in safe guarding citizens which includes avoiding overcrowding etc.


The regional youth organizer also argued that because the President and the NPP are desperate to compile a new voters register contrary to the safety measures of Corona Virus, they decided to overlook the danger the outbreak may pose until a final declaration by the Information Ministry.

Read his full statement below:

To me, I believed the report of the BBC about Ghana recording this deadly covid-19 virus yesterday than the televised address by our President.


Yesterday, I was shocked our President denied the BBC report about the virus been with us for a while now all because of the new register the President and his people are pushing the Electoral Commission to compile.



I am not surprised because, a doctor friend told me the virus has been with us for a while now as reported by BBC but our President and his people are just trying to be economical with the truth.

The statement from the Health Minister shows clearly the wickedness and how insensitive this government has become. They will wish we all die for them to win the next election than to save us from this deadly virus.


The wickedness of this government has been exposed in their statement where they left out the most important precaution method approved by World Health Organization which is avoiding over crowded areas.


This precaution method according to WHO is the best for curtailing the spread of the virus but government deliberately left it out because of the voters Register they are poised to compile at the expense of the lives of the people of Ghana they expect to rule.

We value our lives than the new register and even the next election Mr. President.

Every country has issued a warning to their people to avoid overcrowded areas but Ghana because of the wickedness and the selfishness of our leader has decided to ignore that very all important precaution.

We humbly call on all those who matter, especially the Catholic Bishops Conference to call Nana Addo to order because even St. Peter’s square in Vatican has been closed to the public and no mass been performed because of the spread of the virus.

Let’s rise as citizens to fight the selfishness and the witchcraft that has taken a seat in the heart of this government.

Am Still A Citizen, NOT A Spectator.

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