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Corona-virus Is Not In Ghana Yet, Akuffo Addo Is Playing With The Minds Of Ghanaians – Ibrah 1


I saw the folly of Ghanaian born socialite Ibrahim Dauda, popularly known as Ibrah 1 in one of his Snapchat story’s which he signified that: the novel coronavirus is not in Ghana yet, contrary to what we have been reading in the news and the daily updates we receive from the health ministry which has now become a ritual.

I’ve always argued that: Only two things are infinite in this world, the first is Human existence and the second has and will always be human stupidity. For the former, I can’t say much about but for the latter, I can write a thesis on to validate my claim.

Not Ghana alone but the world at large is fighting this invincible-merciless foe so I find it wildly unreasonable, illogical and inappropriate for a fully-grown man with two children and a mentor to the youth in his neighborhood to openly claim that:

The President is psychologically manipulating the citizens to gain an advantage over them. For what actually?

Ibrah 1 should bow his head in shame and render a qualified apology: first to the president and then to Ghanaians for uttering such careless and absurd professions, if not he’s as-thick-as-two-short-planks.


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