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Coronavirus: 10 Ghanaian MPs ‘quarantined’ – Speaker reveals

Ten(10) Ghanaian Members of Parliament (MP) have been quarantined for fears they may have contracted the deadly coronavirus, reports.

According to the Speaker of Parliament Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye who is currently addressing a press conference, the lawmakers with various committees traveled outside the country with some said to have visited the hard-hit areas.

As a result, they are on self-quarantine and being observed to ascertain if they show signs and symptoms of the virus that has killed thousands in Italy, Spain and other parts of the world.

Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye, however, declined to mention the names of the MPs claiming it was for security reasons.

Quarantine Travelling MPs – Majority Leader

Two Members of Parliament (MPs) and some parliamentary staff members, who were on official assignments outside the country, last week were asked to stay away from Parliament to enable a period of purging to take place before they come back.

The MP for the Binduri Constituency, Dr. Robert Baba Kuganab-Lem, and his counterpart for the Ayawaso East, Naser Toure Mahama, were said to have traveled to Tokyo and India respectively.

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