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Confusion rocks Effutu NDC as machetes, stones, canes greet press conference [Watch Video]

Sound reasoning has given way to confusion and pandemonium in the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Efuttu Constituency branch.

A press conference organized by the party’s constituency Communications Officer, Nenyin Akramah and other members of the party to speak out about happenings in the party in the constituency almost turned bloody when a rival group attacked the organisers with machetes, canes, stones among other items.

The attack, according to Adom News’ Seth Kofi Adjei, has left many attendees of the press conference injured and hospitalized.

The injured include leader of the group, Nenyi Akramah, who later told that there were 10 others who were injured in the attack.

The Press Conference

The presser was organized by a group of dissatisfied party members, led by Nenyi Akramah to draw the party’s national leadership’s attention to the ever-sinking image of the party in the Simpa area.

Mr Akramah had said in a post-attack interview that the party’s Parliamentary Candidate (PC), James Kofi Annan, had too much baggage on his head to lead the party in the constituency.

The press conference was, therefore to draw the party’s national leadership’s attention to what he said were some of the issues only for the presser to be disrupted by the attacks.

The Issues

Among the issues raised by Nenyi and his group is what they say is an illegal suspension of some four party members the NDC in the constituency.

According to Mr Akramah who exclusively spoke to a day after the attack, the suspended members of the party in the constituency were not given any grounds upon which the suspensions were carried out.

Another infraction he wanted to draw the party’s attention to, according to him, is what he said was an “illegal acclamation” used in selecting the PC, Mr Annan when the legally-elected PC took the decision to withdraw from the parliamentary race.

Mr Akramah alleged in his interview with that the suspensions were meant to pave way for the illegal acclamations to happen.

He alleged Mr Annan did not qualify per the party’s constitution, alleging he was elected as PC just seven days after joining the party.

Mr Akramah also raised issues about the nationality of Mr Annan.

What Next?

Mr Akramah said he was going to wait on the party hierarchy to call the attackers and the PC, Mr Annan to order or he embarks on legal steps to challenge his validity as a candidate.


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