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Children will only spend four hours in schools starting from Monday

15th of this month was the date the president announced for all schools to re-open.

Due to this, many head teachers, teaching staffs, parents and students visited their schools to have a generous clean up.

At Nkwakwa, some of the government schools after the general cleaning, had a PTA meeting to discuss how to help the child during this covid time.

These were some of the things they discussed;

Since the number of children in some of the classes are large, they are going with the shift system, where some of the children will come in the morning for four hours and the next badge will come in the Afternoon.

Parents were also advised to provide their wards with nose masks and if possible hand sanitizers.

Some of the private schools in the district also had some forms of meetings where parents were advised not to buy any text books since they will be using their old books.

As to whether they will also be running the shift system, they are still thinking about it.

I asked questions about the amount of fees parents are to pay but it seems they haven’t decided on any amount for now.

Most of the children were happy to see their friends. It was difficult for these little ones to observe the safety protocols.

Although some of them were in their mask, others were not and the kind of happiness they had on their faces after seeing their teachers and friends, words cannot describe it.

Education is key and our children have to go back to school.

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