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Chief Imam’s son arrested by police for murder

A Nigerian resident, identified as Abdulrahman Olayiwola and also the son of the Islamic religious leader of Isale Oja community in Agege, has been taken into police custody for allegedly killing his friend ” Pelumi,” over a stolen phone, by stabbing him to death during a scuffle.

This argument which led to his untimely death, aroused when Olayiwola refused to give Pelumi the stolen phone which was with him to be kept until Pelumi’s girlfriend and sister of the accused involved themselves to speak with him so peace can prevail.

A day after the suspect gave the phone to Pelumi, an argument began again which later became terrible. Mr.Olayiwola after becoming furious used a broken bottle to stab the neck of Pelumi leading to his demise.

The case was immediately reported to the police after which police cops were deployed to the scene to confirm the case and arrest the murderer for further investigations and judgement.

Bala Elkana spokesperson for Isokoko police station confirmed the sad incident and reported that Mr.Olayiwola and two suspects have been arrested to thoroughly investigate the matter.

To correct grapevines about the accused going to be released, Bala explained that, the case was going to be carefully reviewed and investigated and if the autopsy report of the deceased proves that, he is responsible for the death of the young man, he would face the law but would also be released if he is innocent.

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