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Check out the properties Eugene Arhin’s ex-wife won in her divorce suit

The court however granted her one house and some vehicles

She however gets to keep the children though Eugene Arhin will have access to them

The marriage between Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin and his estranged wife Gloria Assan is officially over.

A report by Daily Guide News Online cited by GhanaWeb states that the marriage was annulled by the Divorce and Matrimonial division of the Accra High Court.

The court presided over by Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey granted some properties to Gloria Assan though it falls short of the numerous of properties she requested.

The court instructed Eugene Arhin to pay a lump sum of GHC100,000 to his former wife. She also won the rights to a five-bedroom uncompleted house in the Kpone Katamanso district.

Ms Assan was also given three vehicles with registration numbers GE 4646-18, GE 7108-18 and GE 4646-19.

Per the judgment, the properties and financial obligations imposed on Eugene Arhin are way below the request placed before the High Court by Gloria Assan.

What Gloria Assan requested in her suit

Among others: A (5) bedroom residential property (which was intended to be the matrimonial home of the parties situate on a two (2) plot of land lying at East-Legon in Accra.

A four-storey building comprising of sixteen (16) separate flats/apartments situated on a parcel of land at Bubiashie in Accra which land was acquired from a family friend of her.

An ongoing storey building comprising of sixteen (16) separate flats/apartments situate at Tuba-Weija in Accra.

A storey building comprising of apartments erected on a parcel of land situated at Teshie in Accra and a residential property situated at the AU village at La in Accra.

She added a residential building situated at Senya Breku in the Central Region where she comes from.

A waterfront residential property/resort situated at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra region and 3K Barbering shop at Teshie.

In the case of vehicles: Ms Arhin listed one Ford F 150 vehicle, Toyota Avalon vehicle with registration number GR 7108 -18, Toyota Lexus vehicle with registration number GE 4646-18, Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number GE 7108-18 and Hyundai Elantra vehicle with registration number GE 4646-19.



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