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CEO of PECOK ENTERPRISE Donate and Advise every Individual to Assist the Government in Fighting the Coronavirus pandemic

Courage Dodzi Galley, CEO PECOK ENTERPRISE,  donates and advises the community on fighting the pandemic – Corona virus.
He said, the government with it’s limited resources has called on everyone in the society to contribute or donate in fighting the virus.
Pecok Enterprise  is a business that deals in all kind of Artworks such as Pencil Sketching, Picture Painting and Picture Framing, as well as Brand Customization in the area of T-shirt/Lacoste printing/Embroidery. In addition to the above products, he sells  quality shoes, sneakers, belt and wrist watches to it’s customers. He would like to express his deepest condolences to the families, friends, relatives, employees and employers who have lost their love ones from the Pandemic – COVID-19.
He would also like to take this opportunity to emphasise on the measures especially what travellers into the country(Ghana) are to do amidst the pandemic. He highlighted on the  travellers measures below;
*Make known your traveling details to the appropriate health care providers.
* The travellers should seek medical care right away.
*Staying at home should be keenly adhered to unless to seek medical attention.
*Often wash hand with soap under running water or use alcohol base sanitiser.
I would like to also encourage and thank the good people of Ghana for adhering to the preventive measures outlined by the Ghana Health Service and World Health Organization which includes;
*Washing of hands  frequently with soap under running water.
*Using alcohol base sanitiser
*Keeping a distance of at least 2 steps away ( 2meters) from a person showing signs of a flu; fever, cough and difficult breath
*Do not touch Eye, mouth and Nose with unwash hands
*Thoroughly cook meat and egg before eating
*Be physically active, eat well, drink lot of water, reduce stress and have enough sleep.
Mr. Courage plead and advises Ghanaians to often take in vegetables and fruits which are more  of Vitamin C
He further beseech Ghanaians to build their trust in the Almighty God, the creator of the Universe in whatever they do being in their workplaces, and personal activities. *FEAR NOT because God is in Control, He said*.
In his conclusion, he highlighted on the fact that we all stay safe in our homes if not urgently urgent. In view of that, Pecok Enterprise is giving a discount to it’s customers in any purchase/order made from us.
Pecok Enterprise (WE GIVE VALUE)
He finally thank his collaborating business partner Paddies Trend for it’s support.
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