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Can the apology of Muntaka heal the wound inflicted on our judges? – JUSAG

President of the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana, Mr. Alex Nartey has quizzed if the apology by Muntaka Mubarak can wash away the harm his allegation has caused the image of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Nartey indicated that the allegation of bribery against a judge was scandalous and an attack on the judiciary.

He said it is not easy for a Supreme Court judge to accept or give bribes because their office is not for a child’s play.

He said it would be for the Chief Justice and his investigative body to deal with the matter.

“Can Muntaka’s apology wash away the harm his allegation has caused the image of the Supreme Court?”

“Can his allegation heal the wound inflicted on the Supreme Court judges and to what extent?”

Mr. Nartey went on to state that this behaviour by the legislator has affected the entire country.

Politicians, he advised, should not love their parties more than Ghana because when that is done, it will set as a bad example for the next generation.

Meanwhile, he has asked parliament not to allow politics to make them burry this issue.

He said the legislature should be wise and not allow this matter to die.



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