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Bury your pride and learn from Muntaka – NDC Chairman to ‘lazy’ Kumasi MPs

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency chairman for Asawase in the Ashanti Region, Alhaji Musah Abubakar, alias “Muntum” has charged Members of Parliament (MPs) in Kumasi to eschew their pride and consult their colleague Asawase lawmaker, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak on how to lobby for development.

It would be recalled that the MP for Asawase in an interview with Pure Morning Drive host Kwame Adinkra described his colleagues in constituencies within the Kumasi Metropolis and its adjoining municipalities as a lazy bunch who fail to lobby for development for their people.

He claimed those MPs are comforted by the belief that, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would win any seat in the Ashanti Region, “even if a dog stood on its ticket to contest for the position of a Member of Parliament”.

The Minority Chief Whip also asserted that, his colleagues, “instead of going down to serve their constituents, rather go about lording themselves over them, and in some cases, intimidate them with their security escorts”.

The MP for Asawase has been heavily criticized by his colleagues in parliament following his comments which puts them in a bad light before the constituents who have started complaining.

But NDC chairman in Asawase Consituency, Chairman Muntum in an interview with Pure Fm’s Osei Kwadwo condemned the actions of Members of Parliament in Ashanti Region for attacking and criticizing the Asawase MP over his comment.

According to him, MPs in Ashanti Region should consult the MP for Asawase Muntaka for advice and guidelines on how to lobby for development for their respective constituencies rather allow their emotions to have a better part of them.

“I’m shocked that MPs especially MPs in Ashanti Region are crucifying Hon Muntaka for saying the truth. Instead of them to humble themselves and consult Muntaka on how to lobby for development, they are rather making noise. Ashanti Region should have been developed by now if all MPs in the region can lobby for development as Hon Muntaka has been doing” he observed.

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