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Bulldog Will Be Arrested Again For This Comment

According to him, the country seems not to go where it should consider how selfish the leadership has been over the years.

His cry comes a day after the reading of the 2021 budget in Parliament that has seen the introduction of various taxes in the country.

He points out that while citizens are squeezed for their meager resources like taxes, politicians borrow huge sums of money to pay themselves wondering if they are human than the people who put them there.

Below is his post;

“Politicians gather in large numbers for their selfish reasons, but can’t the creative industry come together for a living? They borrow to pay themselves for any work done, while citizens are squeezed the last cedi through high fees. I guess politicians are special living beings. When you ask for a demonstration for the transgressions that are also being imposed on the creative industry, my people it won’t appear because 99% of us are scary cats. We stay anaa s3 we meuve!”


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