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BREAKING NEWS: 3 more test positive for coronavirus in Ghana, existing cases now 24

As of this morning 22nd March 2020, Ghana had 21 cases with one death. However, the number has increased to 24, with one death, leaving 23 existing cases.

According to the official website for the COVID-19 by Health Ministry, as of 22 March 2020, at 2 pm, a total of 315 suspected cases have been tested for COVID-19 by Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) and Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR).

Twenty-four (24) of these have been confirmed at the laboratory as COVID-19. Twenty-three of the confirmed cases are receiving treatment in isolation and one (1) of the cases who had the underlying chronic pulmonary condition prior to having COVID-19 has died.

Among the confirmed cases, seventeen (17) are of Ghanaian nationality and seven (7) other nationals namely: Norway, Lebanon, China, France, UK.

With regards to contact tracing, a total of 575 contacts have been identified and are being tracked.

One (1) of the contacts developed symptoms and has been confirmed positive.

All the other twenty-three (23) confirmed cases are being managed in isolation, and are doing well on treatment

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