BREAKING: Ghanaian Student In Italy Dies Of Coronavirus

Reports reaching Gossips24.com indicates a Ghanaian student in Italy has died of the deadly coronavirus after few days of showing symptoms and testing positive to the virus.

Earlier, there was a notion that coronavirus could not infect, let alone kill the black race, but that appears to be a myth after all.

It has infected over 100 Africans, both in Africa and abroad, this shows the virus is a deadly one, one that does not care the race you belong to.

The latest report chanced on by Gossips24.com on twitter indicates a Ghanaian student, who has been identified as Kweku has been killed by the virus.

According to his friend who shared the news on Twitter, Kweku happens to be a student and the only child of his mother who lives in Ghana.

He tweeted; “R.I.P Kweku. For those of you out there thinking the virus don’t attack Blacks, well my friends in Italy died yesterday. I have to hold her mum here all day. Her only son died from Corona virus. It’s not easy to lose your only child abroad studying”.

The friend adds in a follow-up tweet that Kweku will be buried in Italy without his mum’s knowledge.

BREAKING: Ghanaian student in Italy dies of coronavirus 1

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