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BREAKING: ECG Pylon Set Ablaze In Tema

Tema Police have started investigations to unravel suspected arsonist(s) who set a 33kv pylon in the Tema Heavy Industrial Area on fire. The burnt pylon belongs to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The yet-to-be-identified suspected arsonist reportedly cut a fenced made with a wire mesh adjecent Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to get access into the yard to burn the high voltage cable with a lorry tyre.

Confirming the incident to DGN Online, Chief Inspector Stella Dede Dzakpasu, spokeswoman for the Tema Regional Police Command narrated that on May 20, 2021 at about 3:40pm, a security guard of Gridco spotted smoke emanating from the pylon on the company’s CCTV and quickly informed the Fire Service department stationed in the company who swiftly responded to the inferno.

According to her, a complaint was lodged to police who initiated investigations into it. Police visited the scene and detected that the perpetrator cut part of the wire mesh fence before getting access to the scene to burn the Pylon.

She continued that there were also burnt debris of vehicle tyres at the base of the Pylon indicating that the perpetrator used a vehicle tyres to burn the Pylon.

The Tema Regional Police are there advising people to desist from such act since it falls foul of the law and anyone found in connection with the act would face full rigors of the law.

The public was also advised to volunteer credible information leading to arrest of the perpetrator of the act through 0542719093 or 18555.


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