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Bola Ray reacts to the death of his executive secretary, Laillah-Crystal Banda

EIB Network CEO, Bola Ray has lost a very important person in his life and he has taken to social media to painfully react to it.

Laillah-Crystal Banda who according to reports was his executive secretary has been reported dead.

Laillah-Crystal Banda

Laillah is reported to have died on Valentine’s day, 14th Feb 2020 after a short illness of which she has been battling with and desperately searching for its cure.

The renowned media personality served as the Coordinator for Bola Ray’s Revealed Show.

Reacting and at the same time attesting to the news, Bola Ray shared a black burning candle.

What does it mean when your candle burns black?

If after the candle burns down the entire glass is black, it is thought to mean that negativity or witchcraft has been directed towards you.

See Screenshot Below:


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