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Blows were almosted traded between Kurl Songx, Mr. Drew & Krymi as they met together in a studio over their ‘Dwe’ song saga

Highly Spiritual boys Mr. Drew, Krymi and Kurl Songx almost ended up trading blows in front of Abeiku Santana but for the timely intervention of the experienced Ghanaian award-winning journalist, it couldn’t happen.

They were called to discuss matters relating to Kurl Songx alleged ‘Dwe’ song theft.

The whole beef started after Kurl Songx said on Andy Dosty’s show;

“I am sure you know about a song that is going on now. I have a song like Dw3. Then I suddenly get to see that my voice has been taken out of the original song. It’s my song. You can call Kaywa and ask him. It is my song. I wrote it.”

The Dw3 song was originally sent to Shatta Wale to drop his verse on it. KAYWA first played the beat for me and said we should vibe on it. The moment everyone heard it, they declared it a hit” – he explained.

He noted that he has a good relationship with his former record label boss but doesn’t know his side.

“For me, I will say my relationship with Kaywa is cool but I do not know about him

“I was the one who sang the ‘If you see my baby o, tell am say’ line on Dw3. The truth of the matter is, I am just being real,” he said.

On whether he will sue Kaywa, he said;

“They said the “Dw3” song isn’t mine, so let’s leave it to God.”

Listen To Kurl Songx Dwe Below;

That caused a lot of feuds and shake up within Kaywa’s camp.

Abeiku Santana arranged the three to meet in his studio to have a deep discussion on the matter

As the discussions were ongoing in the studios, almost all the three stars got heated up. Krymi warned Kurl Songx to mind his posture or they will exchange blows in the studio.

Abeiku Santana had to use his orders to restore calm in the studios. At the end of the day, all three stars had to drop the issue and let go although peace wasn’t made from the look of things.

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