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Block Afia Akoto’s husband Chief Biney from sensitive meetings; force him to resign- Atubiga to NDC

A Binduri ‘latrine man’ who is a sympathizer of the largest  opposition party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has warned his party not to allow its Deputy National Organizer Chief Biney to sit in any sensitive meeting of the party.

His admonition follows news of the marriage arrangement between MASLOC’s Afia Akoto a New Patriotic Party leader and Chief Biney of the NDC who is a national executive.

Spelling Biney as ‘Banni’, Atubiga while congratulating the deputy national organizer of the NDC “chief Banni” for finding his soulmate, said that politics and love cannot mix.

“My beautiful sister, hardworking, respectful  Afia Akoto of NPP really reserves my brother’s love. I wish them well.”

Read his full unedited opinion below

In consultation with most stakeholders, party  executives and members of the party , it will be in the party’s interest for chief Banni to resign from his position, or the leadership of the party protecting the party’ by relieving him from his post entrusted to him by us.( party members)

The heartbeat , strength , and strategy of winning 2020 or election for NDC, is in the hands of the nation organizer and his   deputies. There is no room for family, love or stomach when leading us (NDC) as a national executive for (war) elections , while winning and dining with our opponents ( enemies). The party is very naked now my people.

Chief Banni should not be allowed in any national  meeting at the national level, Fegg, security or any strategic meeting in the interest of 2020 victory for JDM/ NDC . Alotey Jacob and co are far less dangerous for jdms victory as ordinary members,  then the strategic seat and position my brother chief banni holds for the party , and  going with it in to  this  dangerous relationship against the party’s interest. The  Afia Akoto I have known ,  will never let Her NPP down for any man or love. Especially for JDM she has insulted, called JDM names till date. Well.

I am calling on all NDC members to help protect and project the NDC party from where we love,   where we eat , and  how  we make friends in the interest of the party.

We have positioned some grassroots to storm the party office,  anytime chief banni  is in attendance  of any meeting  at the headquarters. To make sure  he is not pat of the meeting.

And for the safety of all national executives during Fegg or any strategic meeting of NDC  involving( former national deputy organizer  chief Banni, blame yourselves when blood is spelling to protect the party’s nakedness . the party is bigger than atubiga , the. Part is  Paramount including who I chose to befriend, play or get married to when leading and holding a strategic position.

Chief banni  has the right to marry who ever he wants as a Ghanian and as human, he can  even  marry  Nana addo’s  daughter ,don’t get me wrong. The   problem is  the  position he is holding ,and WHO he is marrying  to is very dangerous to the NDC party as a whole.  We can’t  afford for the  sweetness of Afia Akoto  to keep us in opposition  with own  secret through her husband . chiii, chiii, chii,  mmbano. Very  dangerous to JDM and /NDC.

This 2020 elections victory for JDM is a  war , Nation rescue movement,  boot for boot . no room for games . Either you are ready to help JDM / NDC win power, or stay in your lane   for your safety.

Over to you JDM , there are  more tractors  as I have been telling you to sit up. as the leader of the NDC, Use  the power given to  you to give us victory , or you allow others to use their powers to keep us in opposition.
Justice and protection for NDC’s secrets .
Stephen Atubiga.

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