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BIZARRE: Town In US Elects Goat And Dog As Mayor

A very bizarre incident has taken place in a town in the USA called Vermont where the unthinkable has been done after they elected a Dog as their leader after switching from a goat who was the previous mayor of the town.

According to reports, this is not the first time they had elected an animal to lead the state as they also elected an animal in 2018 who was a goat which goes by the name Lincoln.

As per the information available to Mynewsghana, they elected the Dog whose name is Murfee this time around as the honorary Major just so that they can receive funds to renovate a 32-year-old playground.

The town needed $100,000 to pay for the playground’s renovations. Fundraisers led by the goat and the dog made $30,000, and the town has put forward another $20,000 toward the project

Now they have gotten most of their contributions due to their animal mayors, the town plans to start construction for the project in May

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