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Berekum: Electrician escapes death as 3 Sakawa Boys drag him to cemetery for sacrifice (VIDEO)

Three Sakawa boys have tried to sacrifice a man at a cemetery in Berekum in the Bono Region.


The victim of the failed sacrifice is a electrician known as Thomas Kyeremeh in Berekum.

On Sunday, he had a call from someone who needed him to do some electrical works for him.

The guy  who was trying to hire his service for the electrical job sent someone with a car to take him to the house for the supposed job.

In the car there were two other guys and when they got to a place near the cemetery, they started beating.

They stopped the car and dragged him to the cemetery with the aim of killing him for sacrifice.

Fortunately for him, the man whose house he was going to do the electrical job arrived at the cemetery with another guy.

The ‘another’ guy told them to allow the electrician to go because he knows him.

They left him at the cemetery and flee from the town.

Thomas Kyeremeh the electrician has reported his near death to the police who took him to the cemetery to investigate his allegation.


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