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Bawku clash: Dr Sam Bugri, Naa Tampuri others for court

The 13 persons arrested in Bawku in connection with the bloody renewed gun battle between Kussasis and Mamprusis, will be arranged before the court today.

The renewed conflict is said to have been ignited over plans by the Mamprusi divide to perform the funeral rites of one Alhaji Adam, who died some 41 years ago.

Reports have it that a court restriction order was secured by police and served on the Mamprusi faction against the performance of the said funeral rites.

The overlord of Nayiri [the traditional home of Mamprugu] in 2011, wrote to the Bawku Municipal Assembly, seeking security protection to perform the said funeral rites, but the municipal security council cited legal and security concerns as it declined the request.

December 27, 2021, sporadic gun battle is said to have left people dead with others nursing gunshots injuries.

Bawku Municipal Chief Executive – Amadu Hamza in an interview with Source FM, a Bawku-based radio station, expressed his unhappiness over the renewed clashes.

The suspects were airlifted to Accra for further investigations and prosecutions. It is unclear, the charges were preferred on the suspects, but media reports indicate that they were arrested for violating court injunction and curfew.

Relative calm is said to have been restored as military cum police personnel patrol the area.

Among the arrested persons, included one Dr. Sam Bugri and Naa Tampuri.


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