B/A: Protesters held for pelting police with stones (PHOTOS)


Some demonstrators have been arrested after registering their displeasure over the deplorable nature of the new Dormaa-Kotokrom dual carriage road in Sunyani.

The demonstration turned sour on Wednesday when some of the demonstrators became enraged and started attacking the police, who were at the scene to provide security.

A night before the actual demonstration, the demonstrators burnt car tyres and blocked the road to show the seriousness of their action.

The next morning, the police cleared the road blocks and were at post directing road traffic.

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One of the agitators, Hassan Mubarak, who spoke to TV3, said the new Dormaa-Kotokrom dual carriage road has been abandoned since 2012.

The situation, he alleged, has resulted in numerous accidents, leading to the loss of 32 lives.

He said they have petitioned the appropriate authorities to address the issue without success, hence the decision to embark on a demonstration.

The demonstration became chaotic after some demonstrators started attacking the police who tried to control the crowd and their movement.

People had to run for their lives when the rowdy crowd started pelting stones at the police from all directions.

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Two police vehicles were damaged.

The police later called for re-enforcement, and some more demonstrators were arrested.

The Police Commander on the scene, DSP Franklin Kramoh, said those arrested would be interrogated and processed for court.

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