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Axim residents protest as government hospital shuts facilities to shoot Hollywood movie – VIDEO

The closure of some facilities at the Axim Government Hospital to allow for the shooting of a Hollywood movie has courted the disaffection of residents.

According to a group identified as Axim Youth Alliance, the hospital signed a contract with a Hollywood production team and closed the Female Ward and Maternity Block for the purpose of a movie shoot.

Four months after the signing of the agreement and the closure of the facilities, the group notes that the production has yet to start while the situation has led to congestion at the hospital.

“They closed the Female Ward and Maternity Block in August 2021. We were told the closure was for the production of a movie but since then, the contract has ended, and yet the production of the movie has not even started.

“Both male and females are sharing the same ward, this is causing congestion. So we plead with the authorities to open it immediately,” leader of the group, Solomon Eshun is quoted by Joynews in a report.

According to Mr Eshun, “Just last week, three women came to deliver, but because of unavailable space, these women in labour had to sit in plastic chairs to wait for their turn to deliver.”

While struggling to understand the situation, the group leader has questioned why the facilities should be sitting idle at the expense of ailing patients.

The group has thus called on the hospital’s authorities to reopen the closed facilities until the production team resumes for shooting.

Receiving a petition by the group, the Municipal Chief Executive for Nzema East, Dorcas Amoah assured that the concerns of the group will be addressed.

“Thank you for the patience you people have had with the authorities. With what you have said, I think that is respect and a step in the right direction.

“I work with speed and accuracy and now that you have given me this document, I assure you that this issue will be addressed as soon as possible,” she stated.

Also acknowledging the concerns of the group, the Administrator of the Axim Government Hospital, Mr Wahaab is said to have indicated his readiness to resolve the matter.




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