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AWFUL MOMENT :Woman shares video of what Coronavirus testing in the US feels like (Video)

A woman in the United states has shared a video of herself getting tested for the Coronavirus so people can see what it feels like.

In the video, the health practitioner can be seen inserting a long plastic cotton bud deep into her nose to take a nasal swab while testing her for Coronavirus.

The woman can be seen in pain as the medic pushes in the swab stick until it brushes the back of her upper throat. She was made to breathe through her mouth for a while instead of her nose which had the swab stick in it for some seconds.

After a few seconds, the medic pulled out the swab stick from her nose as her face expresses the pain she felt from the entire process.

She shared the video with caption;

In case you were wondering what the Corona Virus test its like. #CoronavirusUSA #coronavirustesting

Unbelievable! You actuaThe worst part is not the test guys, the worst part is dying alone. Once you are quarantined in the hospital your family can’t visit. If you go into resp failure they alert your family. The next call is to say you’ve passed. No good byes, no hugs, nothing. Plz stay home #corona
lly feel like they rip your membrane


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