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AUDIO: Akufo-Addo’s One-Village One-Dam has worsened our water crises – Chief laments

Alhaji Iddrisu Adam, the Chief of Yogu a predominant farming Community in the Tolon District of the Northern Region has blamed the worsening water crises in the area on the government’s One Village One Dam.

He revealed that the contractor who was assigned the project did not only do a shoddy job, but ended up compounding their already perennial water crises in the community.

Speaking at an event to handover a mechanized borehole funded by a UK-based organization Light Foundation funded by Salam Charity to residents, the chief disclosed that the situation worsens in the raining season.

“It is said that water is life. But not every water that gives life. Ours cannot be called water. In fact, is a mixture of water and sand. That was our situation before they (the NGOs) came in. It has also exposed a lot of state interventions. We were fortunate to benefit from the government program of 1v1d. But this project made our situation worse”, the former Mayor of Tamale lamented.

“The dam that has never dried up dried up. Because the constructor collected sand and could not take it away, dumped it on the belt of the existing dam. So what they did was that they just used the arm of the payloader to spread on the belt of the dam (1v1d being constructed). So when it rains, you can imagine what will happen. And that is our situation”, he lamented.



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