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Asiedu Nketiah has destroyed Mahama’s case – Lawyer

A private legal practitioner and a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), lawyer Osei Tutu Junior has opined that the General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has destroyed the case of the petitioner John Dramani Mahama by his responses to questions during his cross-examination.

He premised his assertion on the responses given to questions asked by the justices in relation to the figures the NDC have to counter the declaration by the Electoral Commission.

Mr Nketiah was responding to a question from Justice Yaw Appau, asking the NDC witness if they had contrary figures to that of the EC.

Excerpts of the sitting on Monday read;

YA: In all the figures that were mentioned as the valid votes cast and all those things, you were saying if the figures were correct and that there were inconsistencies in the figures. I will ask you, in your own calculations what were the total valid votes cast in the presidential elections on December 7, 2020

JAN: My Lord, those calculations are reserved for a meeting for us to reconcile the figures because the first respondent herself keep changing the figures.

(Chief Justice Anin Yeboah steps in to put an end to the banter)

AN: Tell the court, when you started giving your submissions you said you had representatives from all the 275 polling stations across the country, and they were to collate the figures and he is asking you from that, what figures did you get.

JAN: My Lord, I haven’t brought that figure to court

YA: Very well, from your own calculations what were the valid votes cast in favour of the petitioner (John Mahama) to your knowledge

JAN: My Lord, when we discovered these discrepancies it was difficult to even tell what figures he got

YA: So, you don’t know, just answer

JAN: I don’t have them here

YA: What were the figures from your calculations did the second respondent (Nana Akufo-Addo) get as total valid votes cast in his favour


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