Apostolic Bible Theological Institute Makes It Free for All Student To Register

The free education system of the country has influence the authorities of the Apostolic Bible Theological Institute to make their school for pastors free of charge.

Bishop Emmanuel Sarpong, the Chairman of the school explained to media men during their 2nd Graduation Ceremony on the theme “Fight the good fight of faith-2Timothy 6:11-12”.



He emphasized that they have noted how the education system has helped many parents to have the advantage to let their children being in school without their struggle which happens every year which mostly end them a headache.

According to him, this challenge them also make their school free of charge to help many having called of God and others want to acquire knowledge of the Bible to participate freely as many want to be in Bible but they cannot afford the fees which sometimes clamps their gifts of God to operate.

Speaking on the theme, He narrated that pastors are fighting the good fight, Faith but he convinced that are they fighting for God or Satan? While they are training Christians to fight for God this end time.

Bishop Emmanuel Sarpong stressed that, they will not sit down idle for somebody come from another foreign country to do it for us whiles we can do for our own by using our local dialect to teach for more understanding of the knowledge of Christianity.

He, therefore, calling people to do their best for the country development.

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