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Apologize to the public for throwing dust into our eyes – Mahama advised

Ayikoi Otoo, who is the High Commissioner of Ghana to Canada has asked the former President of Ghana to apologize to the people of Ghana for their deception.

According to him, the former president suggested that he had won before filing the petition; a declaration that had his supporters on the streets across the country to drum home the need for him to be proclaimed president.

However, the former president demanded a re-run of the elections upon filing the petition with the Supreme Court and not a declaration that he won the race.

Ayokoi Otoo, referring to the content of the petition, suggested that Mahama threw dust into the eyes of the people of Ghana and must therefore make an apology.

The concept that was pushed out to the nation was that everyone did the wrong thing and that we won the presidential and parliamentary elections, but if you read the petition, there is a strong call for a re-run based on the fact that nobody crossed the 50+1 constitutionally
Relative to what we heard before the petition was filed, that is a different matter altogether.

In the meantime, Alex Segbefia, who speaks for the legal team of the NDC, has indicated that John Dramani Mahama has not filed to be declared President because the procedures take time and they will not have the luxury to make their case given the 42 days set aside to deal with the petition.


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