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A very credible and reliable source of information reaching front desk indicates that the above-mentioned opposition political parties All People’s Congress (APC), Ghana Union movement (Gum) progressive people’s party (PPP)and the people’s national convention (PNC) to emerge as one movement for power 2020 presidential and parliamentary election the source revealed.

There is no doubt about this and this is the reason why the founder and leader of the APC Mr. Hassan Ayariga claim he’s going to pick a presidential candidate as his running mate.
Dr. Hassan Ayariga on Saturday, July 11 obtained his voter identification card at Tinsung B. polling centre in the Bawku central constituency of the upper Region.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga was accompanied by his wife and 6 constituencies chairperson in the kusaug Traditional area.

Addressing the media after obtaining his voter ID card, Dr. Hassan Ayariga said he had a challenge with the minus being taking advantage to register in the ongoing registration exercise.

He lamented that minus giving an opportunity to register using vouch is an opportunity to all registrants to say that they are 18 years and above with no one challenging them in the exercise which the end result may not make the exercise credible.

He said because there is no legal document barking vouching and its 2 eligible voters and so there was no guarantee of credibility and so the mere fact that the electoral commission says the current voter register is not credible it was an elusion that the one we are producing now is going to be worse than the previous one.

Hassan Ayariga described the ongoing registration exercise as an exercise of failure, fan and ignorance on the part of the electoral commission and that, the electoral commission is not embarking the exercise to serve its purpose.

Source: Justice K. Aniah-Baba/

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