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Angry youth damage Adabraka Police Station After Police Allegedly Killed A Resident

Some youth of Adabraka Odorna in Accra who have been angered by the death of a fellow resident have vandalised the Adabraka police station.

The action of the angry youth comes after the death of a fellow man who lives in the area.

According to the residents, the police caused the death of the man who fell and drowned in the Odaw drain.

Some of the men in the areal stormed the Adabraka police station carrying the body of the deceased man.

They chanted angrily to express their displeasure over the issue.

According to the Assemblyman for the area, Hendrick Noble Kinnah, he heard of the incident on Wednesday evening at around 5:41 PM.

He had been told the deceased resident fell into the Odaw drain while being pursued by police who were trying to arrest him.

“He fell into the Odaw drain and he couldn’t swim back…There were police who came to make arrests and he ran and fell into the drain,” Mr. Kinnah told Citi News.

He further said some residents accused the police of causing the death saying “it is the policeman who pushed him into the water [the drain].”

Upon hearing of the incident, he said he first made his way to the Adabraka police station where he saw a police officer who had been assaulted.

“I saw two policemen here. One had been beaten and he had blood on his mouth.”

There is currently heavy police and military presence at the Adabraka Police station.

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