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Anas praises Starr FM’s Adeti (PHOTOS)

Incredibly famous insightful journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has applauded Starr FM’s Edward Adeti for his ongoing examination which prompted the recusal of a senior High Court Judge, Justice Jacob B. Help, from a case and the abdication of Rockson Bukari as a Minister of State at the Presidency.

“Never given anyone a chance to scare you. Numerous bogus things will be said about you just to debilitate you from uncovering bad behavior. They will do everything in an offer to cut you down. A portion of the assaults will originate from your own associates. Each story that merits delineating for, educate the world concerning it – huge or little.”

“Try not to give whatever they a chance to state unmake you. Try not to answer them. You see that I simply stay silent when some state anything they desire against Anas. Their deeds will dependably caused issues down the road for them,” Anas revealed to Adeti when he met with him secretly in Accra.

Anas, known for offering backing to youthful enemy of defilement writers, gave the Starr FM’s insightful columnist an uncommon benefit of demonstrating to him his face during the time long private gathering before wearing his trademark veil to model for an image with him.

Equity Boon is said to have held ex parte gatherings at his living arrangement in Bolgatanga with authorities of the Shaanxi Mining Company Limited who were standing preliminary before him for a situation with the Cassius Mining Company at the Bolgatanga High Court One.

After they were spotted at the judge’s living arrangement various occasions amid a covert examination by Adeti and were defied by the analytical writer, the Shaanxi authorities introduced Gh¢5,000 and a pristine motorbike to him as fix to execute the story. The insightful writer accepted hush money things to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) as proof and distributed in December 2018, a similar story some open figures and the Shaanxi authorities had looked to stifle.

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