An illustrated book dedicated to the memory of J.J Rawlings

A book ‘CHANGES’ the Dawn of a Revolution, which tells the story of Ghana’s June 4th 1979 revolution and the events directly related to it has been published to the memory of former President Rawlings.

The book is not meant to be a detailed account and therefore does not cover every aspect of the story.

It only tries to set it down for our remembrance. It reveals an African uprising captured in ‘real time’ (1979) by Kwame Addo, an artist, as the continent continues to rediscover the true essence of its democracy; reminding us of the people’s power and their desire to survive in a free, just and accountable society.

This insightful illustrated document is timely and informative after incubating for forty years. The A4 size, 34 pages comic format, cloaked in a captivating semi hard cover is available in English, French and Spanish.


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