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American Comedian, Michael Blackson Spotted Selling Groundnuts On The Streets Of Accra | Video

Ghanaian born but America based comedian, Michael Blackson has been seen on the streets of Accra upon his arrival from the States selling groundnuts.

This does not mean he is broke or was deported to come to Ghana and has found hawking as his hustle but it is one of his jokes.

In the video sighted by Thedistin.com, the renowned comedian together with his friends on their normal chilling moments were strolling and saw a woman selling groundnuts on the street of Accra.

Kind Michael Blackson bought the woman’s groundnuts for 100 Ghana cedis and then decided to sell it himself and keep the profits.

He did so to help the woman because she might even not get the amount her groundnuts were bought for by the millionaire comedian.

Michael Blackson was busily moving from one car to the other in a traffic and due to his popularity, people bought the groundnuts from him.

At the end of the video, Michael revealed he had only a Ghana cedis as profit and jokily made it as a fun.

Watch video below:


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