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Akufo-Addo did not demonstrate maturity by calling Mahama a “poor, desperate loser” comment – Political Scientist

A political scientist with the Kwame University of Science and Technology, Dr Mohammed Abass has expressed disappointment in a reactionary comment by President Akufo-Addo to some declarations made by former President John Dramani Mahama.

He observed that the President was “judgmental” and did not demonstrate enough tact in his remarks, suggesting it has the tendency to stir up the already rising political tension in the country.

President Akufo Addo on Tuesday in Ho described the former President, John Dramani Mahama as a ‘desperate loser’ who wants to plunge the country into chaos following the former President’s recent comments on the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voters’ register.

Mr Mahama had indicated that if the EC “fails to listen to us and still proceed with the compilation of the new voters’ register, they must come out and accept responsibility for whatever chaos or violence that breaks.”

President Akufo-Addo however in response pointed out that “the inconsistency is a matter for him and his conscience. But I want to assure him that there will be no strife, there will be no conflict after the December 7 general elections which has preserved the peace and stability of the 4th Republic for the last 27 years, will continue to prevail, and they will not permit any poor, desperate loser to plunge this country into chaos. Ghana is bigger than the ambitions of any of us.”

But Dr Abass in an interview with Accra Based Starr FM believes that the President could have been more diplomatic in his reaction.

“I think at that level and in the interest of the nation and of course in the interest of peace as the President himself said, Ghana is bigger than all of us.

“One would have thought that he would have opted for a better word to describe what has happened rather than being so judgmental on the character of the former President and of course what he has said,” the lecturer stated.

“When you go to that level of being judgmental, you have gone beyond what has been said to sort of categorise or classify the person in a manner that definitely is also going to generate some negative reactions from him and for that matter his followers. So then it becomes an endless cycle of such negativity.

“But if you opt for a very mature word which captures what has been done and actually goes beyond that judgment and leave the rest for Ghanaians to ponder over, I think that ends the cycle or it minimises these negative reactions and then that also paves the way for the peaceful election that we actually want,” he added.

He feared that tensions could rise beyond containable limits if things continue to move in the same tangent.

“I have had an opportunity to comment on the statement of former President, I have condemned it, I don’t think that should be coming from a statesman. If this is how things are going to go then we are not going to be able to deal with and manage the tension which necessarily will emerge as we move forward towards this coming election,” he observed.

He opined that there is the need to have an overriding objective to focus on and “this objective should be peace and stability of Ghana.”

“So if we have these as the overriding objective then it will determine the way, the thinking and the tone we speak in relation to the elections,” Dr Abass suggested.

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  1. Mahama should blame himself, Rawlings told them long before but they did not understand. How can you a sitting President after enough evidence of hacking than you just give up power cheaply. Mahama should have cancelled the 2016 elections declare state of emergency.present the facts to united Nations.When you are dealing with a Mafia you need to be smart.Funny enough talking about desperation. Right from Edu Boahene time to Kufour time who was desperate for power?

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