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Agradaa finally releases footages and identity of the son Ng3g3 wanted to use for money rituals

Komfo Agradaa has revealed footages of the son of Maame Ng3g3 whom she alleges was offered for money rituals.

At the early stages of the beef between Ex friends turned enemies, Komfo and Maame Ng3g3, the former accused the later of offering his son for money rituals.

Finally she’s released a photo of the handsome son of Maame Ng3g3 to support her accusation.

According to Komfo Agradaa, Maame Ng3g3 knows she has the photo of the son so she quickly came online to post it so people will think she Agradaa picked it from her Facebook page.

She then sent a plea to the father of the kid to be watchful lest Maame Ng3g3 gets another spiritualist to execute her money ritual plan.

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